Skin Care Made from Medical Grade
Aloe Vera

Feel the Difference. See the Difference.

100% Organic Medical Grade Aloe Vera

Superior to Water as a Base

Aloe Vera closeup. Aloevera plant, natur
Aloe sliced, isolated on a white backgro

Benefits of Aloe in Skin Care

We use 100% Organic Medical Grade Aloe Vera as a base in our Skin Care Line.

Aloe is a natural anti-inflammatory and will calm redness and help the skin absorb all the wonderful nutrients in the skin care products.

Water can be drying and does not absorb into the skin.

Because it is the carrier by which nutrients get into your skin,  much of the nutrients are left on the surface.

Using aloe as a base is a game changer!

You will see and feel the difference. 


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