Direct Sales Opportunities 2021

Updated: Feb 28

Are you searching for an opportunity to make money from home? Do you love the beauty, health, and/or wellness industry? What industry is the right fit for you?

When looking for a good direct sales company, you want to look for several things...

A product that is re-sellable. This is a product that you can sell over and over again. You want a product that isn't just a once and done thing. For example, if you sell skin care or wax melts, your customer will keep purchasing that over and over gain to replenish their supply when it runs low.

Some products don't have that appeal. For example, if you sold toasters... you would be able to sell so many toasters before you had to go and find new customers that have not purchased a toaster from you yet. It becomes more challenging.

Another thing to look for is a company this is newer. This is considered a ground floor opportunity. If the market or your area is saturated with many consultants from the same company, it becomes more difficult to sell and build a team. Something new and fresh is always more appealing and intriguing to new customers.

You may be tempted to go with a very familiar company. I would go with a new one for more growth potential. If you want to grow a team and make a lot of money, you want to find a company that is in launch mode. Get in early. When the company is very young. That way you can grow a large team of consultants under you and earn large commissions on your team sales. Don't wait until the company has grown to well over 10,000 consultants. Get in while they are under 5,000!

You want to look at the people who are running the company. What are their values? What is the company philosophy? Do the values match with your own? Do the owners have experience in the direct sales arena? This is all important as you want a company that has values that are similar to your own. You want them to know what they are doing in direct sales, business, and product development.

The other thing to look for is perhaps a little bit of product history. Has the product been out there on the market and being used by people already... but now they are launching into direct sales? Have the products benefits been put to the test and is there some proof that the products actually work? Some companies launch into direct sales after their products have already been on the market a bit. This is always a benefit because you can see if people like the product line and if there are positive reviews out there.

You need to look at the compensation plan. How well does the company pay? Are there website fees? Is there a monthly minimum that you have to sell to stay active? Are you allowed to belong to more than one direct sales company? Make sure these answers match your goals. Some people do not want the pressure of having to sell a lot. Many people like to belong to more than one. Compensation plans vary greatly from company to company. Some pay weekly. Some pay monthly. Some pay both weekly and monthly!

Lastly, try the products! Do you love them? You have to be able to get behind the product with a passion. Are they high quality? Do they work? Do they align with your values?

I have personally found my match with TreSkin. This company has met all of the above requirements for me, plus more!

If you want to learn more about how this company can change your life... please contact me at 717-319-9275 or visit my website at

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