Get Rid of and Prevent Acne from Your Mask "Maskne."

Get Rid of and Prevent Acne from Your Mask (Maskne)~~

Masks trap heat, moisture, and bacteria between the fabric and your face.

We are seeing unprecedented cases of acne caused by masks.

Long-term use of a face mask will cause new skin problems or make existing problems worse.

These problems include...

Acne Blackheads Dry, Itchy Skin Rashes Rosacea Peeling skin Oily Skin Eczema

It is so important to be using a skin care product that will balance the bacteria and increase the good bacteria in your skin with probiotics.

TreSkin has all the ingredients you need to take care of your skin and help to keep it healthy and balanced. It will create a healthy skin environment for you and your mask.

The 3 key ingredients to help with "maskne" are...

~Medical Grade Aloe 100% Organic which has enormous healing properties.

~Plant Peptides~ stimulates collagen growth.

~Probiotics~keeps the bacteria balanced.

Even if you just used the cleanser and the day moisturizer, you would get results.

Here is a link to see our full line of skin care that will help you combat acne from mask wearing...

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