Skin... the Largest Organ

Updated: Feb 28

Skin, the body's largest organ, along with nails, hair, glands, and nerves acts as a protective barrier between the inside and outside of the body.

Your skin helps keep your body's temperature even, it makes vitamin D when the sun shines on it, and covers an area of approximately 22 square feet.

Human skin is composed of three layers of tissue: the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermic, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

The skin works as a barrier that protects against water loss as well as physical or chemical injury. It protects us from UV radiation by producing melanin. The skin gives us sense of touch which provided us interaction with our physical surroundings. So it is a pretty darn important organ!

The production of Vitamin D helps prevent numerous diseases including cancer, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis, and neurological diseases.

The quality and condition of our skin greatly contributes to the perception of health, wellness, youth, and beauty. When our skin glows, we look healthy! When it is dull, we look unhealthy.

Our skin is one amazing organ!

The outer layers are continuously shredding and new layers are forming from the inside. But over the years the skin will get damaged from things such as pollutants in the air, chemicals in products, and sunlight. When we are young, our body is more aloe to repair this damage. As we age, it becomes increasingly difficult for our skin to repair these damages. Then we start to see signs of aging such as dreaded wrinkles, ages spots, and rough areas.

Healthy skin requires good internal nutrition for internal repair to be at optimal levels. So if you are getting proper internal nutrition and eating well, your repair mechanisms will function better than if you eat junk food.

The other way to supplement this internal nutrition and give your skin the care that it needs, is a good external skin care routine. Many products that are on the market start with water as the base. Chemicals as added to the base for various reasons, such as increased shelf life. Most skin care products are passive, meaning they don't physically stimulate the skin.

There is a myth that when water is applied to the surface of the skin that it will be absorbed. However, this is not true. Applying water to the skin will not make a difference in the moisture of the skin because water cannot be absorbed externally. Drinking more water will help the skin, but applying it on the outside will not. The skin is a natural barrier to water. Think about it. Constant hand washing does what? It dries out your hands.

TreSkin products contain 100% organic medical grade Aloe Vera as the base instead of water. This enables the nutrients and plant stem cells in the products to be absorbed by the skin creating a product that works much better than any water based skin care products. This ingredients in our TreSkin product line will moisturize, condition, repair, and protect your targets organ, your skin! Plus Aloe Vera is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it has been shown to reduce redness. These products are a game changer in skin care that will not break the bank. They are reasonably priced and work! If you don't believe me, then try them for yourself.

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